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City of Milwaukee Alert Neighbor Program

July 13, 2022.


The City of Milwaukee’s Alert Neighbor Program emphasizes community involvement in addressing crime and safety concerns in Milwaukee neighborhoods. The program is a partnership between neighborhood block clubs, the Milwaukee Police Department, the City of Milwaukee, and local non-profits to evaluate persisting neighborhood issues and develop strategies to reduce these problems. The Alert Neighbor Program will assist neighborhood block clubs to identify and implement strategies, like reporting criminal activity, holding regular neighborhood meetings, and planning neighborhood improvement projects, to reduce safety concerns. Additionally, the Alert Neighbor Program will provide funding for physical improvements in the neighborhood. These improvements range from crime watch signs and porch lighting to security cameras installed around the community.

For additional information, please contact City of Milwaukee Community Outreach Director Patricia Ruiz-Cantu at 414-286-5626.

North Teutonia Ave Business Association Get's Access to COVID Education Funding. 

March 4, 2022

Great news!  The North Teutonia Avenue Business Association (NTABA) has the opportunity to grown through a small grant of funding.  JC Legal Resources Center, INC has arranged for funding to help North Teutonia's workplaces and neighborhood get a fair chance to nurture healthy, covid-safe environments during this pandemic.  With this funding,  NTABA will host meetings, distribute COVID educational information, develop COVID safety communications , create an official website, and more.  

More will be discussed at the upcoming NTABA Meeting in March meeting.  Don't miss the meeting on March 23, 2022 @4:30 p.m.  See you there!

Milwaukee pastor to open second hub for entrepreneurs on city’s north side

By  Brandon Anderegg


Dec 21, 2020 12:24 pm | Last updated on December 21st, 2020 at 02:19 pm

A Milwaukee pastor wants to convert a north side office building into a hub for entrepreneurs, a project he says will mirror the entrepreneurial hub he developed in another part of the city in 2018.

Eric R. Brown plans to purchase a 7,900 square-foot office building at 3658-3660 N. Teutonia Ave., a one-story building constructed in 1966, according to city assessment records.

The new entrepreneur incubator hub would include 20 micro suites, which Brown says he’ll outfit depending on the needs of the entrepreneurs. In the basement, Brown will operate his own new business called “One Haven Project,” a resource center focused on helping the community, he said.

“It’s going to be quite a few variables with that particular business, but we’re starting out by helping young pregnant women with resources,” Brown said. “Clothes, transportation, helping them dress for success if they have an interview, whatever they need.”

Brown imagines the new entrepreneurial hub will operate similarly to his project at 4738 W. Lisbon Ave., a two-story building with 11 suites on the second floor filled with barbers, hair and nail stylists and retail clothing businesses, he said.

“It’s business suites upstairs for people who want to run their own business because I’m all about trying to empower people,” Brown said. “If you empower people you empower communities.”

To fund the Teutonia Avenue project, Brown applied for a $166,000 loan, which was granted by the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation on Wednesday. The mixed-use project would cost $186,000 in total, including $115,000 to purchase the property and $65,400 for improvements, according to the application.

Brown funded the Lisbon project out of his own pocket – at the time, he wasn’t aware of MEDC, he said.

“The city came out see that and they saw what I did with the first project and so they wanted to get behind me with the second project because they were really impressed with it,” Brown said.

In fact, Brown wants to open an All-American style restaurant on the first floor of the Lisbon building called “Ruby J’s,” – those plans are still underway, but the restaurant’s opening was postponed by the pandemic, he added.

“Like I said, I’m all about empowering people and I just feel like in our city, especially in these certain areas that I’m in, it’s needed,” Brown said.

Brown is a pastor at Haven of Hope International Ministries, located at 4040 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.

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