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Free Trauma Care | 2432 N. Teutonia Ave.

Phone: 414.252.0156

Trauma affects the heart and body. But there are biblical laws and principles that keep you in the pain and those that heal you.

Learn more about the foundational principles and tools for dealing with issues related to overwhelming life events.

Recognize your poor responses to the initial wound by tracing the root causes or initial wounds that lie beneath the surface of most events.

Understand how bitter roots are formed and how broken hearts can be healed through the biblical process of repentance, renunciation, and forgiveness.

  • Learn God's plan for salvation.

  • Learn God's plan for healing,

  • Recognize the behavior that separates you from God,

  • Learn how to return to fellowship with God and the healing process.

Once you are healed you will be able to help others who are going through similar difficult times in their life.

Join the ministry, minister to others, and fulfill Jesus' command.


In-Person & Virtual Options

Individuals Counseling (All Ages)

Self-Care Support Groups

Social Emotional Learning Support


(414) 252-0156

2432 N. Teutonia Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53206

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