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What is a Business Improvement District 

A Business Improvement District is a public/private partnership between the property and business owners make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development, and promotion of their commercial district.


Multiple property owners agree to have an extra fee (assessment) that is provided towards the BID.

There are over 30 BIDs in the City of Milwaukee

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Why have a Business Improvement District? 

With a Business Improvement District, North Teutonia Avenue can strive for:

  • A cleaner, safer and more attractive business district 

  • A steady and reliable funding source for supplemental services and programs 

  • The ability to respond quickly to changing needs of the business community 

  • The potential to increase property values, improve sales and decrease commercial vacancy rates 

  • A district that is better able to compete with nearby retail and business centers

Young Woman with Smart Outfit
Woman enjoying flowers that were purchased in north teutonia avenue.

Business Improvement Districts deliver a range of supplemental services in coordination with municipal services and invest in the long-term economic development of their districts.

Man working in construction and showing plans to project manager.

The Services that can be Provided by a Business Improvement District are:

  • Street Maintenance

  • Public Safety/Hospitality

  • Business Development

  • Marketing

  • Landscaping

  • Community Service

Photo of police officer who is from the community and serving the community.
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