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An inventory of business ready sites and an amenable business climate that fosters growth ensuring a resilient employment base.

Logo for the North Teutonia Avenue Business Association - our neighborhood is everything.

An attractive gateway that provides an impression corridor destination that defines the character of North Teutonia Avenue area. 

A comprehensive service delivery system that actively identifies and advances economic development in North Teutonia Ave where opportunities in 53206 will grow. 

Locust Street to Capitol Drive

Coordinated marketing and branding campaign that elevates North Teutonia Avenue area’s reputation and improves the quality of life for internal and external customers. 


A Unified Voice
Make Your Concerns Known


Locust Street to Capitol Drive

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Making the Difference

Business Improvement Districts deliver a range of supplemental services in coordination with municipal services and invest in the long-term economic development of their districts.

Community Gardening


Bring health to the community and make our 
neighborhood a better place to live. 

Graffiti Removal


Reducing crime,
cleaning up litter, and revitalizing blight.



Re-establish the BID to promote a positive
image of the local commercial district,. 

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What is a BID? 

Wisconsin Act 184, gives Wisconsin municipalities (i.e., cities, villages and towns) the power to establish one or more Business Improvement Districts (BID) within their community.  Business properties within that area are allowed to contribute to programs aimed at promotion, management, maintenance and development of that district.


BID assessments are restricted to commercial and industrial properties subject to real estate tax. Tax-exempt properties (i.e., religious, public utility, or government properties) or those used exclusively as residences cannot be included in the assessment district.

Additional information can be found with the Local Government Center, University of Wisconsin-Extension,

Two men working together to service customers.
See the future and set the vision of North Teutonia Avenue.

Vision Survey

Click on the "Start VISION Survey" and submit your input, TODAY! 


The North Teutonia Avenue Business community is committed to making the area one of Milwaukee's premiere locations for living, working and playing.

By working together, we can drive improvements, discuss new opportunities, ensure customer and employee safety, plan for better access to services and encourage economic vibrancy in the district.   

All stakeholders in the area are welcome to provide input. 


Submit your answers to the North Teutonia Avenue Business area's Vision Survey, TODAY!

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Call North Teutonia Avenue Business Association.


North Teutonia Avenue 
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County 53206

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